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Decorated Youth Magazine is a digital + print music, cinema, photography, and creative elements magazine that focuses on quality over quantity.

The Decorated Youth website was launched in November of 2012 and we started releasing print / digital issues in June 2013. We’ve since released 17 issues.

Decorated Youth started as a way to get involved in the national and international music industry. As an avid follower of music, we were tired of reading the same interviews about popular artists throughout music and entertainment websites and magazines.

We focus on building each issue to meet our particular high standard, releasing an issue every 2-4 months. We pride ourselves on quality interviews and features as contrasted to how fast we release issues. We only feature original live music photos, behind the scenes photos, and original interviews and writings. We have never posted any sort of entertainment news, reviews or advertisements.

Integrity is a big driver for us, only featuring artists who we genuinely believe in versus their popularity. Our main focus is to give the same amount of time and energy to every article and to every artist, no matter their amount of fame.  We spend time researching each artist to make sure each interview and each feature is worthwhile for both the author and artist.

Along with featuring the artists who are in the spotlight (musicians, actors, ect.), we also take our readers behind the scenes with industry people (photographers, cinematographers, managers, journalists, publicists, etc) and present the facts and details about careers that some may have never realized were a viable option or knew that these specific jobs even existed.

We’re here to say we care about the story. We ask the questions artists want to be asked. We want artists to be excited about the coverage. We want artists to know they don’t have to walk on eggshells around us because they’re afraid we might take something they say or do out of context. We want to work with each artist to represent them how they want to be represented; holding a very high standard of each and every word, detail and photo that goes alongside their feature. We’re really trying to tell people’s stories in a way they haven’t been told yet and to do so truthfully and thoroughly.


EMAIL – heather@decoratedyouth.com